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GRIPSTIC® Bag Sealer 12-Pack Small Set

THE GRIPSTIC is the best chip clip device ever made. Our patented slide and seal technology locks in freshness by sealing the entire bag air tight. This reusable sealing rod locks air and moisture out to prevent your chips, pretzels, snacks, cereal from going stale, prevents freezer burn and keeps food fresh longer.

Patented and ranked number one among consumers. THE GRIPSTIC sealing rods are a must have kitchen gadget! 

Eliminate kitchen clutter and keep your pantry neat and organized.  The original GRIPSTIC is compact, easy to use and easy to store.  

Assorted sizes work great on chip bags, snack bags, cereal bags, fresh and frozen foods, baking, dry ingredients bags, even food saver bags and much more!

12-Pack Small Includes:

(6) 7.25" GRIPSTICs

(6) 5" GRIPSTICs

  ** Do to popular demand some colors might be substituted, sizes will remain the same **

US Patent No. 7,503,696